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Vasai - Virar

Rehab Centre for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Vasai & Virar

We are India's finest multidisciplinary drug addiction treatment in Vasai - Virar with a holistic approach to our services. We offer our patients confidentiality, privacy, and comfort throughout the treatment process ensuring they heal from addiction as well as improve mental health. Drug overuse can immensely influence behaviour, so for protecting yourself and your loved ones, drug addiction treatment is your solution.
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Treatment Approaches

At Kapie we have been providing drug addiction treatment in Vasai through a comprehensive yet custom approach. Through years of experience, our team understands that there's no one formula for all treatments to eliminate addiction. It takes a comprehensive yet holistic approach to help addicts step-by-step in treatment. So, you can find our team working with patience and dedication for treatments.

Program Features

Our program highlights a therapeutic approach, recreational activities, and nature-based sessions that encourage complete treatment. Some highlights of the program include:

  • Art-group
  • Complete meals
  • Family programs
  • Rooms and Dormitory.
  • Yoga
  • Recreational and Gaming Zone

Path to Recovery

We use active participation in the 12-step philosophy for the recovery path. Our team focus on mental and physical well-being.

Success Rates

Kapie is one of India's leading drug addiction treatment in Vasai - Virar with facilities to provide privacy for addicts to focus on treatment without distractions. Our team uses a holistic approach to provide effective and result-oriented ways for addiction treatment. We have been offering rehabilitation services through our certified team and encouraging addicts to lead healthy and joyous lives.

Why Choose Us?

We have a distinctive approach at Kapie to ensure you lead a clean and healthy life after treatment. Our highlighting attributes make us one of the top rehabilitation centres in India with expertise, resources, and a complete treatment process. How? Let's check out our distinctive attributes:

  • Relaxation and destress activities: We organise recreational activities like yoga and meditation that will encourage mental and physical well-being.
  • Engaging with games: We organise indoor and outdoor games to provide physical and mental life lessons.
  • Connect with nature: We know nature is the ultimate healer, so we engage in nature-based activities for calmness, joy, and positivity.
  • Healthy Food: At our drug addiction treatment in Virar, we offer complete meals that support mental and physical well-being.

Guidance and Support

We have support groups, certified counsellors and experts for not only addicts but also families. Our team focuses on providing addicts with an environment that encourages them to lead positive lives.

Our team

  • Mrs Rekha Pandey: Our founder, advocate by profession, has been contributing in the field of social service for 24 years. She started Oshovia Cancer Academy affiliated with Tata Memorial Hospital.
  • Mr Gulshan: Our trustee who has been contributing to the mental health and addiction sector for 16 years. He is a certified counsellor and psychologist providing the best psychological treatments to addicts.
  • Ms Chandani- Clinical psychologist certified REBT professional.
  • Dr Vishwas Yadav- General physician with 15 years of expertise in rehab centres.
  • Mr Umar- Senior certified addiction and family counsellor.
  • Mr Prakash Muppiri: A retired health department worker from the Government of Maharashtra is a certified counsellor with 40 years of expertise in mental health.


  • My family is grateful for all the efforts put in by the team as my brother is now free from the addiction and we are leading a peaceful life. - Akhil
  • Great recovery! I can see changes in myself, it's been a year since I've been with them and the positivity I feel in myself is different. - Ramesh
  • My friend is recovering very well from the last time I visited him. The Kapie team's efforts and treatment results are recognizable.- Jaggu
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1. What is the meaning of a rehabilitation centre?
Rehabilitation is a private or public facility providing therapy and training for drug addicts to lead a better life.

2. What does a day in rehab look like?
The day can vary as per the program and facility taken. However, in general, there are therapy sessions, recreational activities, addiction counselling as well as family counselling.

3. How do I gain the trust of loved ones after rehab?
Going back to normal life after rehab can be difficult and overwhelming, but you have already passed the major obstacles of leaving your addiction. With effort and patience, you can lead your life normally with your loved ones. There are some support groups where you can consult if you are facing difficulty.

4. Does my family have a role in treatment?
Yes! As much as an addict needs treatment to eliminate addiction, families need to understand the situation and get counselling to help addicts by providing a safe environment for them to lead a normal life.

5. How exactly can rehabilitation centres help?
Going for rehabilitation can be a difficult decision, with support you can take up programs that will shift your focus to other positive parts of life. The experts at the rehabilitation centre will provide therapy to assist you in overcoming the struggle of leaving addiction.

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