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Best Alcohol, Drug and Mental Healthcare Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

What we Offer

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction arises when a person has a strong desire to use alcohol regardless of the negative effects.

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction also referred to as substance use disorder is a disease that affects a person's behaviour

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Mentally Challenged

Because of an issue with their brain, someone who is mentally challenged is unable to acquire or develop

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"To achieve harmony with your natural body, it is essential to prioritize the overall well-being of your physical

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Nasha Mukti

Kapie Holistic Centre, located in Thane, Mumbai, is recognized as one of the premier Nasha Mukti Kendras

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About Kapie

Introduction about Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation and De Addiction Centre in Mumbai

We use a family-centred, multi-disciplinary approach to assist people with severe illnesses to manage their condition, live completely, and maintain control over their lives. In these chronic illnesses, we give whole health care solutions to improve the quality of life of not only the patients but also their family members.

Who we are?

We are one of India's finest rehabilitation centres. Kapie Holistic Centre is a haven for those seeking privacy and comfort. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai strives to deliver the best treatments for alcohol and drug addictions in Mumbai. We employ a case management system that is tailored to each person. It enables us to cater to our client's unique needs while maintaining a high-quality overall programme.




Behavioural addiction occurs when a person continues to participate in the same activity even though it has negative repercussions. Addictions may appear to be different in appearance, yet they are all the same, such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and behavioural addiction.
A rehabilitation center is a structure that assists individuals with addiction troubles in detox and recuperation. The staff at a rehab center will assist you in overcoming your addiction and teaching you how to live a sober life. The aim of a rehab center is to help people overcome their addictions and lead healthy and sober life. They will also help them with their daily activities so that they can regain their independence. They may also have group meetings and other activities that can help people in recovery.
A day in an addiction rehabilitation center in Mumbai can vary depending on the facility and the program. However, there are some everyday activities that take place. These can include individual and group therapy, educational classes, and recreation time. During individual therapy, patients work with a counselor to address the underlying causes of their addiction. In group therapy, they share their experiences with other patients and learn from each other. Educational classes provide information about addiction and recovery. Finally, recreation time gives patients a chance to relax and connect with others in recovery.
A de addiction center offers many different types of treatment and therapy. The most typical kind of remedy is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy helps patients learn how to identify and change the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to their addiction. Other types of treatment that may be offered include group therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling. These types of treatment can help addicts learn how to manage their addiction, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and make positive changes in their life. A combination of treatments is often used in order to achieve the best results.
There are many ways in which addiction rehabilitation can help people struggling with addiction. First and foremost, a rehabilitation center in Mumbai can provide a safe and structured environment in which people can detox from drugs and alcohol. This is an essential step in recovery, as it helps to break the physical dependence on such substances. Rehab also offers counseling and therapy services, which can help people to understand the root causes of their addiction and learn healthy coping mechanisms. It can also help people find purpose in life without drugs or alcohol.
It can be difficult to earn back the trust of your loved ones after coming back from a rehabilitation center in Mumbai, but it is not impossible. First, it's important to be honest with them about your addiction and what you've been through. It's also important to show them you're committed to your recovery and staying sober. You can do this by attending support groups and therapy sessions and making other positive changes in your life. It may take some time, but if you're patient and consistent, you can earn back the trust of your loved ones.
There is no easy answer when it comes to the role of the family in addiction treatment. It's important for families to be involved in addiction treatment. They can deliver aid and compassion during challenging moments. They can also help with practical matters like ensuring the person has a safe place to stay, getting to appointments, and handling financial matters. Families can also provide emotional support and play the role of a wise board for decision-making. They can also hold the addict accountable and make sure that they are staying on track with the no de rehabilitation center treatment plan. On the other hand, some families can be toxic and enable an addict's destructive behavior. The key is for each family to figure out what role they can play in their loved one's treatment that will be most helpful.
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as rehabilitation centers can vary significantly in terms of their approach and facilities. However, many facilities for those recovering from addiction follow a daily routine that aids in setting goals and establishing routines that help with the rehabilitation process. This typically includes a period of detoxification, followed by therapy and counseling sessions. Some rehab centers also offer alternative therapies such as yoga or meditation. The exact details of the daily routine will depend on the plan that is curated for you.
Alcohol addiction is a craving for or excessive consumption of alcohol that leads to physical, social, and psychological problems. Alcoholics may drink in secret, lie about their drinking, and try to hide their bottles. They may have withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit, such as anxiety, shaking, or sweating. Alcohol addiction is a severe problem that can lead to many health problems. Therefore, it is essential to get help if you or someone you know has an alcohol addiction. Many resources are available at an alcohol rehabilitation center in Mumbai to help people overcome their addiction.
There are many factors that contribute to why a person may become addicted to alcohol. It could be due to genetics, environment, or even the person's own psychology. For some people, alcohol addiction may be a way to numb emotions or cope with trauma, depression, anxiety, or stress. Whatever the reason, addiction is a severe problem that can ruin lives and have devastating consequences. That is why alcohol de-addiction centers are becoming widely popular in today's era.
  • Do you lose time from work due to drinking?
  • Is drinking making your home life unhappy?
  • Is drinking affecting your reputation?
  • Have you felt remorse after drinking?
  • Do you crave a drink at a definite time daily?
  • Do you want a drink the next morning?
  • Do you drink alone?
  • Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking?
  • Is drinking jeopardizing your job or business?
  • Have you ever been to a hospital or institution on account of your drinking?
If you have answered YES to three or more of these questions, you have a definite problem with alcohol.

why choose us?

Why choose our Alcohol and Drug Centre in Mumbai

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a severe problem that requires expert assistance. At Kapie Holistic Centre, we are dedicated to assisting people in leading clean, addiction-free lives. Hundreds of people have been helped by our team's excellent alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation programmes in Mumbai, which aim to provide our patients with a better life free of substance misuse.

About Us

Mrs Rekha Pandey

Trustee - Professional Counsellor

Rekha Pandey, an advocate by profession and the founder of this oragnisation is in the field of social service from past 24 years. She is President of Bahrti Kalyan Kendra started by her mother and is active in the filed from her youth days. She started the Oshovis Cancer Academy which is affiliated with TATA Memorial Hospital, Where cancer patients are treated with utmost care.

She is an active member of International Press Community-Advocate Panel.
This organisation was a dream come true of Rekha Pandey giving life to addicts who are in the clutched of this dreadful disease of addiction.

She did extensive research and studies on addiction in Germany and introduced the German Technology Process in India.

Mr Gulshan

Trustee - Recovery Coach

Mr. Gulshan Pandey Working in the field of addiction and mental health from last 16 years.

Has Treated more than thousands of Alcoholics & addicts till now.

His aim is to treat all the people suffering from the disease of addiction with utmost care and concern.

He is a certified counsellor and actively working with his team of psychologist and psychirtist to give the best treatment to achieve the goal of creating Drug free Society

Meet Our Team

Ms Chandni

Clinical Psychologist
Working in the field of Addiction and patient suffering from depression. She is also a professional Counselor is Certified REBT professional.

Mr. Prakash Muppiri

Compliance and Liaisining Consultant
Assertive Individual with 40 years of experience in Mental Health related Services. Retired from Health Dept. Govt. Of Maharashtra Worked as Consultant with Tata Education and Development Trust. Mumbai.

Dr Vishwas Yadav

Working as General Physician in Rehab Centre with total 15 years of experience . Has treated more than 1000 Alcoholic and drug addict patients.

Mr Umar

Senior Counselor
Mr Umar mansuri working in the field of Addiction and substance Abuse since last 17 years. Conducted Several Conference on Substance Abuse. Specialist in De addiction counseling and family counseling.
What do we do?

“Kapie Holistic Centre” one of the leading de addiction centre in Mumbai is a secluded and elegant hideaway for anyone seeking privacy and comfort. Our facility is meant to be on par with the greatest in the world, with everything a person could need. We strive hard to give the greatest services because our clients deserve nothing less after the agony and anguish of abuse and detox.

About Treatments

We've learned throughout the years at Kapie Holistic Centre that no one treatment is a cure-all for a complicated disease like addiction. As a result, our treatment is tailored to the needs, history, lifestyle, and severity of the condition of the client. While we provide a wide selection of treatments, we also select those that will be well appreciated and followed by our clients.

What Our Client Says

We are grateful to Kapie Holistic Centre for their efforts and for providing personal attention that is hard to come by in today's environment.

Mujeeb Khan

Good recovery atmosphere here Best food very hygienic place with all the amenities. All professional counselor at their Best. Best rehabilitation in india

Chandan Sharma

Great service to the society for all the people suffering from Addiction and all mental illness being a Doctor I highly recommend this rehab to all. Best Facilities.

Premshila Sharma

Best facilities at this rehab very nice atmosphere and homely food special love for addicts. My brother got his life back after 9 months of course. Special thanks to gulshan sir for showing grace towards all.

Raja Mani

I was suffering from Alcoholism very badly and was not able to come out. Because of the counselor and the love which I got was when the world hated me now I am living a sober life. Thanks to Gulshan Sir coz he loves addicts in a very different way. Thanks kapie holistic best Food and best treatment centre in India.

Ketan Pawar

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We are one of India's finest rehabilitation centres in mumbai