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Navi Mumbai

Rehab Centre for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Navi Mumbai

Are you willing to help yourself or your loved ones get rid of the notorious addiction to alcohol and drugs? Then, getting help from the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is the most reasonable idea for you. Kapie Holistic Centre is a renowned name known for helping people through the best treatment opportunities to fight addiction. With our centres spread across different cities in India, including Navi Mumbai, we promise to provide you with the best help possible. So, join hands with us and develop strong willpower to fight your inner demons and get rid of addiction today!

Services Offered

Being the top rehab centre for addiction in Navi Mumbai, we offer a wide range of services to our valued patients. These include:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Our in-house counsellors will try to understand the root of your problems and do their best to help you fight your urge to drink. When intoxicated, individuals drive themselves to financial and personal losses. At Kapie, we understand this and treat you accordingly.

Drug Addiction Treatment: The negative effects of drugs on a person’s health and behaviour are numerous. Our drug addiction treatment in Navi Mumbai involves a range of techniques that will help to keep your substance abuse in check.

Mentally Challenged Treatment: No matter what challenges your loved ones are facing due to underdeveloped mental systems; they can cope with them through creative therapeutic techniques from the Kapie Holistic Centre.

De-Toxification Treatment: At our rehab centre in Navi Mumbai, you will get rejuvenating therapies and traditional healing systems, along with the most effective detox plan. As a result, you will be able to lead a healthier life.

Nasha Mukti Treatment: Kapie is among the most trusted Nasha Mukti Kendras in Navi Mumbai. We have the best Residential Rehabilitation Programs, whether you are looking for long-term or short-term therapies.

Success Rates

Over the years, Kapie Holistic Centre has helped hundreds of individuals get back to their normal lives. We have helped people from all walks of life erase their dependency on alcohol and substance abuse. Family members who were close to losing hope that the patients would get better chose us and got the best results from our comprehensive services.

Team and Expertise

Our rehabilitation centre in Navi Mumbai, has the most seasoned experts to help you with your addiction problems. These include:

  • Mrs Rekha Pandey - Trustee, Professional Counsellor - 24 Years of Experience
  • Mr Gulshan - Trustee, Recovery Coach - 16 Years of Experience
  • Ms Chandni - Clinical Psychologist - Certified REBT Professional
  • Mr Prakash Muppiri - Compliance and Liaisoning Consultant - 40 Years of Experience
  • Dr Vishwas Yadav - General Physician - 15 Years of Experience
  • Mr Umar - Senior Counsellor - 17 Years of Experience

Guidance and Support

The guidance and support available for the patients at our best rehab clinic in Navi Mumbai are the top reasons behind our successful track record. Apart from our in-house counsellors, we also have a range of facilities and support systems that are aimed at improving the conditions of the person suffering from alcohol addiction and drug abuse. We conduct yoga, meditation, feeling management, and therapy sessions regularly. Furthermore, we have a specialised recreational zone for the inmates. All our living areas are maintained properly and are hygienic too!

Why Choose Us

The top reasons why you should choose Kapie Holistic Centre include:

  • Renowned Therapists
  • Years of Experience
  • Top-Notch Facilities
  • Boost in Spirituality
  • Family Programmes
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Games for Recreation
  • Goodness of Nature


“I am thankful that I chose Kapie Holistic Centre for providing my friend with the best treatment techniques which helped her overcome her drug addictions. Because of the help from Kapie, everything got easier for her; she stayed at their centre for months and came back with better motivation.” - Kritika Sharma.

“Kapie is the best rehabilitation centre in Navi Mumbai. I managed to convince my husband (someone with alcohol addiction) to visit their facility, and he got the best help possible.” - Sana Khan.

“I have 2 sons, and my younger one was into substance abuse for 3 years. One day, I read about Kapie Holistic Centre and registered my son for their long-term treatment plan. The results I observed have been commendable and my son is now hired for a good job role as well.” - Joseph Phillips.

Join hands with Kapie Holistic Centre - the most trusted drug and alcohol rehab centre in Navi Mumbai.


Which is the best rehab centre in India?
Kapie Holistic Centre is one of the best centres in the country, offering the most reliable rehabilitation facilities. We have centres located in Navi Mumbai, Vasai-Virar, Surat & Vapi.

How does a rehabilitation centre like Kapie Holistic Centre help people with addiction?
Rehabs have the most excellent environments that are meant to promote wellness in the patients. Whether a person is addicted to drugs or addiction, such centres use the best counselling and therapy techniques to help them.

My daughter is undergoing addiction treatment. How can I help her as a parent?
Usually, the best rehabilitation centre helps people through therapies and activities. However, families can also help them by showing support, offering motivation, and making sure that the person fighting addiction is accountable for their improvement.

We are one of India's finest rehabilitation centres in mumbai