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Rehab Centre for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Surat & Vapi

Are you facing problems quitting alcohol? Do you know consumption of excessive alcohol can have mental and physical effects? Doctors refer to alcohol consumption disorder or alcoholism as when you can't regulate how much you drink and have emotional problems when you aren't drinking. To find out about alcohol use disorder and your alternatives for Alcohol Addiction Treatment Surat - Vapi. Kapie Holistic Centre offers a family-centred, multidisciplinary strategy to help patients with alcoholism to live fully and change their lives.

Treatment Approaches - Types of Treatments and Therapies

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of Alcohol Addiction Help Surat and Vapi that can help people with alcohol addiction. CBT facilitates individuals in recognising the detrimental and self-defeating ideas and behaviours that may lead to substance abuse.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, a group of people can join together for group therapy to progress both as a group and as individuals and get counselling as a whole.

Family Therapy

By addressing how AUD affects each family member and fostering a healing environment for all, family therapy aims to lessen this harm by altering alcohol-related attitudes, sentiments, and actions.

Individual Counselling

Individual therapy is a type of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Surat - Vapi in which you work one-on-one with a trained alcohol addiction therapist, counsellor, social worker, or psychologist.

Program Features

The Best Rehab Centre Surat - Vapi offers both Inpatient and outpatient programmes. Depending on the patient's development and the severity of the addiction, the inpatient programme usually lasts between thirty and ninety days. This all-inclusive method offers round-the-clock medical and therapeutic assistance within a controlled setting, enabling thorough detoxification and recovery. The outpatient programme is a great option for people who need flexibility. It enables patients to continue with their everyday obligations while undergoing therapy. The outpatient programme lasts for various amounts of time; sessions are planned several times a week and last a few hours each.

Path to Recovery

To properly treat withdrawal symptoms, the first phase focuses on detoxification under medical supervision at the Alcohol Addiction Help Surat - Vapi. After detoxification, patients proceed to the rehabilitation stage, when they participate in CBT, yoga, meditation, and individual and group therapy. Patients receive ongoing assistance from therapists and medical professionals during the programme. Frequent progress reviews guarantee that the treatment plan is still effective and can be modified as necessary.

Success Rates

Patients with much-reduced relapse rates at Residential Rehab Surat and Vapi are those who finish the entire programme, including aftercare. Treatment success is increased when holistic methods, group support, and therapies like cognitive-behavioural therapy are combined. Furthermore, alcohol addiction treatment in Surat - Vapi Rehab Centre's dedication to providing patients with continuous care after therapy guarantees that they keep their recuperation, resulting in long-lasting enhancements to their general well-being and quality of life.

Team and Expertise

Mrs. Rekha Pandey: Rekha Pandey, the founder of Kapie Holistic Centre and a professional advocate, has spent the last 24 years working in the social service sector. She established the German Technology Process in India and conducted in-depth research and studies on addiction in Germany.

Mr. Gulshan: Worked for the past 16 years in the fields of addiction and mental health. He has certification as a counsellor.

Mrs. Chandni: Working in the field of addiction and treating depressed patients, also a certified REBT professional counsellor.

Mr. Muppiri Prakash: 40 years of expertise providing services connected to mental health for an assertive individual.

Dr. Vishwas Yadav: 15 years of experience as a general physician in a rehabilitation centre

Mr. Umar: For the past 17 years, Mr. Umar Mansuri has worked in the field of addiction and substance abuse.

Guidance and Support

Full-service medical treatment, individualised therapy, and family counselling sessions are all offered by the Rehab Centre to patients and their families. Promoting a cooperative atmosphere, the centre provides families with educational workshops and support groups. Strong networks are guaranteed for both long-term well-being and recovery with an all-inclusive support system.

Why Choose Us

Alcohol and other drug addiction is a serious issue that needs professional help. Our mission at Kapie Holistic Centre is to support individuals in enjoying clean, addiction-free lives. Being one of the Best Rehab Centres in Surat, our team's exceptional drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes in Surat, and Vapi have aided hundreds of people by giving their patients a better life free from substance abuse.


"We appreciate Kapie Holistic Center's efforts and individualised attention, which are difficult to find in today's setting." - Mujeeb Khan

"This place is great for recovery. The cleanest, most hygienic place with the best meals. The best of all professional counsellors. India's best rehabilitation" - Chandan Sharma

“Excellent assistance for anyone afflicted with addiction or mental disease. As a doctor, I heartily endorse this programme to everyone. Best Facilities, as well.” - Premshila Sharma

Thus, these testimonials prove that Kapie Holistic Centre is one of the Best Rehab Centre in Surat and Vapi. With a skilled team and friendly environment, Kapie offers various solutions for alcohol addiction treatment.


What Is a Rehabilitation Centre?
A rehabilitation centre is a facility that helps people struggling with addiction get clean and get well. Kapie Holistic Centre, being the Best Rehab Centre Surat and Vapi it offers approaches to help people quit alcohol and lead a peaceful life.

What exactly is alcohol addiction and is there any particular need for an Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre?
A need for or overindulgence in alcohol that results in physical, social, and psychological effects is called alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehabilitation centres thus help in overall nurturing and rehab of the concerned person.

What causes someone to develop an alcohol addiction?
There are numerous reasons why someone could develop an alcohol addiction. It might be due to environmental, heredity, or even psychological.

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