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About Kapie Holistic Centre - Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mumbai

Kapie multiversity foundation is a premium residential mind & mind body centre in Mumbai. India committed to providing a professional environment for clients who seek confidentiality, comfort, care and concern.

Kapie multiversity foundation's holistic approach aims at using individualized case management process for each client addressing the physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects, achieved through group and individual sessions, therapy sessions, feelings management, behaviour management, yoga and meditation sessions.

Kapie multiversity foundation staff includes credentials with social work, counselling, exercise nutrition, arts, crafts, dance, drama, writing and literature. Because of the strong learning orientations, residents are referred to as student rather than patients, which supports, guides and inspires them to make the right moves in life.


"To help addicts' bridge relationships with self, family and rejoin society as productive members".


"Help us to help you in creating a drug free society".


"To turn the distress, damage and disasters of this deadly disease into life and harmony through awareness and effective treatment at Kapie Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mumbai".

  • Treat the whole person as well as the illness.
  • Treat every person with dignity and respect.
  • Continue a commitment to the Twelve Step fellowship.
  • Be of service.
  • Remain open to innovation.


Client Centric: We are a client centric organisation. We put the client first and are commited to total client satisfaction, meeting their needs and expectations.

Integrity: We are open, transparent and honest. We have an ecelectric approach towards the issues and deal with them in tune with our culture and human values.

Empathy: We work towards understanding the problems and situations of the clients and their family with an ability to listen and have a non judgemental attitude. We work with setting up professional and personal boundKapie putting in honest efforts and emotional maturity.

Commitment: We take our commitment very seriously and put all efforts and extend assistance into fulfilling the rehabilitation of individual to the path of addiction free life.

Team Work: Here at Kapie Nasha Mukti Kendra We work in team for we know that only team work delivers results and client satisfaction and will put collective and collaborative efforts.

Versality: We are a multi-cultural organization. We respect diverse viewpoints with every individuals who share our dreams. Social Responsibility: We are socially responsible members of the communities we are present in and work towards a drug free society by creating social awareness.

Dining Program Our dining program is nutritionally tasty and very hygienically prepared. It is our understanding that a body recovering from addiction needs a well balanced diet. All the meals are freshly prepared keeping the nutritional value of the ingredients. We have an inhouse flour mill to keep the nutritional value intact. We provide balanced fod with high protein low fat with balanced carbohydrates to look after the health of our recovering patients. We avoid unhealthy food like junk food, pav, street food,etc.


We at Kapie Holistic Centre one of the leading Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mumbai, believe that the Alcoholic/Addict is not a bad man, weak man but a sick man and that 'Motivation' to get well comes when the patient is in treatment not when he is out using/drinking, hence the recovery program for de-addiction begins with the Primary centre a 'Safe'/'Monitored' facility moving on to a Secondary Open Centre where the patient tests his newly gained sobriety in relative freedom.

We are one of India's finest rehabilitation centres in mumbai