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05 Feb. 2024

The Impact of Substance Abuse in Mumbai: A Closer Look at the Need for Rehab Centers

The prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse is increasing by the day. This trend has been observed specifically in our country in the past two decades. The worst part is that there have been cases of fatalities due to heavy drug consumption. And those who live are faced with numerous consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. These may be social or economic. This is one of the primary reasons behind the increase in the number of rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

In this blog, we will try to understand the reason behind the increase in the number of individuals who are falling prey to substance abuse. We will also try to discuss the different consequences that drug and alcohol overdose brings along. Finally, we will understand the significant role of a rehab centre in Mumbai in raising awareness about the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol and how you can get rid of this lethal habit with the help of a rehabilitation facility.

The Rising Cases of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Tier-1 Cities like Mumbai

In the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in the illegal usage of drugs like heroin, morphine, codeine, etc, in Mumbai. Many individuals are also consuming different kinds of alcohol in the city. This can be attributed to the increasing popularity of party culture, the house parties, and the different clubs, where drugs are distributed and consumed every day. These cases also include many teens who are dazzled by the high that these substances bring along. Parents across the city are trying to find a good drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. As per statistics by the NDPS Act, 2020 saw the maximum registered cases of substance abuse in the capital city of Maharashtra.

A Deeper Understanding of the Social and Economic Consequences of Substance Abuse

Let us try to understand the different consequences associated with the overuse of drugs and alcohol:

Social Consequences:

1. Confusion about relationships: Many individuals who are consuming drugs or alcohol seem to be in a state of delusion. This leads to an increase in puzzlement about various relationships. Sometimes, people are all you have, and losing them due to irritability and changes in behaviour patterns is your biggest loss. This is one of the biggest social consequences of substance abuse.

2. Effects on pregnancy: If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, there might be significant effects on the foetus. It might even be likely that you encounter different hardships like miscarriage, etc. if you are ingesting drugs and alcohol on a regular basis.

3. Rapes: It has also been observed that many accused individuals in rape cases in India were under the influence. To avoid such heinous crimes, it is important to ensure that you are indulging in substance abuse.

4. Divorces: Many spouses are unhappy because of the behaviour of their husband or wife after they have consumed drugs or alcohol. This has proven to be one of the most contributing factors to divorces.

5. Domestic violence: Victims of domestic abuse in cities of India like Mumbai have reported to their choice of a drug rehab centre in Mumbai that their husbands were using alcohol and drugs. This causes them to become violent and cause harm to their partners and children, which sometimes even proves to be fatal.

6. Impact on education: Teens are also overdosing on alcohol and drugs because of the increasing party culture and the need to look cool. They are also under peer pressure, thereby causing them to engage in substance abuse. The result is that they miss out on valuable education and are not capable of a bright future and career.

Economic Consequences:

1. Betting: Many people these days are engaging in betting and gambling when they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This causes them to lose money and sprint towards poverty, sometimes without even knowing it.

2. Overspending on drugs and alcohol: People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are also known to spend excessively on buying them. Oftentimes, teens who are not able to afford these substances also tend to steal money and expensive items from their homes.

3. Loss of productivity at the workplace: Substance abuse also affects your productivity at work negatively. This may lead to reduced salaries or even the loss of jobs.

4. Healthcare expenses after substance abuse: Of course, there are many adverse effects on your health because of the use of drugs and alcohol. To treat such conditions, there are many medical expenses that you will have to bear - from consultation charges to the cost of medicines.

If you wish to avoid the many consequences stated above, it is important to seek professional help from an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

Benefits of Establishing Rehab Centers to Combat The Growth of Problems Related to Substance Abuse

There are many advantages that can be gained with the establishment of a good alcohol rehab centre in Mumbai. The most popular benefits of professional rehab centres are listed below:

  • As more and more rehabilitation centres emerge, there will be an increase in awareness about the potential hazards that result from substance abuse.
  • You will be able to build more accountability about your life when you visit a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.
  • Such centres are also known to follow a systematic approach to rehabilitation, which is essential for reaping the maximum benefits of rehab.
  • Your overall mental health and physical well-being will also be enhanced when you take the help of a rehab clinic.
  • It is a known fact that almost 40-60% of individuals fall prey to relapse. This can also be avoided with the assistance of a drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.
  • Lastly, a promising rehab centre will also help you revamp the relationships you have failed in during your days of substance abuse.


That brings us to the end of this blog about the impact of substance abuse in Mumbai. We have also discussed the rising need for a drug rehab centre in Mumbai. We hope you liked the details shared in this blog!

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